We're building a more equitable and inclusive world together!

With our insight into Deaf engineering, implement an efficient and relevant IDEA strategy (inclusion, diversity, equity, accessibility) for Deaf and hard-of-hearing people.

With our team of researchers, linguistic experts, and instructors, we offer a large array of services, from feasibility studies and personalized training to research projects on sign languages.

Our services align with the needs of different types of organizations. We are pleased to collaborate with non-profit organizations and governmental and para-governmental organizations.

  • Consultation
  • Development
  • Research

Your accessibility objectives: our raison d'être

Are you looking for support in achieving your accessibility objectives for deaf and hard-of-hearing people? Our extensive network of experts can help you review your training and accessibility programs, develop inclusive policies, draw up a clear roadmap, and implement accessible practices. Our team will help you deploy your strategies and tactics effectively, thanks to in-depth, personalized coaching. Together, we’ll build an inclusive environment that makes a difference.

You've got crazy ideas, but don't have the resources to make them a reality?

They’re not that crazy, and we can absolutely help you make them a reality. We have a vast network of Deaf and hard-of-hearing visionaries and pioneers who are passionate about developing innovative solutions and pushing back the boundaries of accessibility. Having completed many unique projects, such as school lexicons and the LSQ skills evaluation system, and having shaken up the LSQ course industry in Quebec, nothing surprises us anymore. We’re ready to shatter current boundaries and accelerate change. Are you?

Invest in accessibility in an informed way

Our specialized research and studies team is versatile and can meet your many needs. Commission a feasibility study, explore opportunities to develop sign language video content, conduct an accessibility study for the deaf, hard-of-hearing and deaf-blind, or a study of the sign language industry. We’ll help you make informed decisions, develop appropriate accessibility strategies, enhance your customers’ experience and strengthen your commitment to a more inclusive world.

Get out of your comfort zone and innovate!

Consulting, audit, and accessibility support
Strategies and communication tools for Deaf and hard-of-hearing people
Development of equity policies and environment assessments
Feasibility studies, research and specialized studies
Development and innovation
Vocabulary banks
Pitch us the project of your wildest dreams — there’s no limit to our creativity!

Our impact

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Émy Coiteux

Support and Referral Line Worker

Our team has had the privilege of taking part in a lively awareness workshop led by the dynamic Marie-Pierre Petit and two LSQ interpreters. The theory presented proved to be especially relevant to our intervention context, strengthening our skills and knowledge on the realities and challenges of Deaf and hard of hearing people. The activities, role plays and discussions enriched our understanding, demystifying a number of prejudices and improving our knowledge on these more specific issues. They shared some excellent resources and practical tools with us, significantly impacting the support that our organization can offer to this community.

Chantal Turcotte

Remedial Teacher
Lucien-Pagé High School

Eversa is essentially a turnkey service with high-quality standards thanks to its experienced and dedicated team. That’s why we never hesitate to call on Eversa for our ministerial projects.