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We can’t say it often enough: the best ambassadors for sign language are Deaf and hard-of-hearing people. Eversa invites you to make your mark by working with a Deaf company!

The world
according to Eversa

An entire team working to create the world of our dreams

Now known as Eversa, we continue to pursue our mission with the same enthusiasm, determination and creativity. We are versatile, competent and enthusiastic about becoming a vector of positive change, for the benefit of our customers and the community.


Cynthia Benoit (Elle)



Audrey Beauchamp (Elle)

Directrice générale


Charline Savard (Elle)

Directrice des services

Coordination, Training

Marie-Pierre Petit (Elle)

Coordonnatrice des services de formation, Formatrice LSQ

Consultation and development, Coordination

Caroline Hould (Elle)

Coordonnatrice des services de consultation, Consultante

Coordination, Translation

Marie-Hélène Hamel (Elle)

Coordonnatrice des services de traduction, Traductrice français-LSQ

Consultation and development

Emilie Peltier (Elle)

Chargée de développement et consultante pour les milieux culturels

Consultation and development

Marie-Anna Ruël (Elle)

Adjointe administrative


Annik Boissoneault (Elle)

Traductrice français-LSQ


Sylvain Laverdure (Il)

Formateur LSQ


Louis Charron (Il)

Formateur LSQ


Nadine Petit (Elle)

Formatrice LSQ