LSQ courses, a unique ÉvaLSQ assessment, and workshops for ideal learning, all within the context of Deaf culture!

Deaf instructors and native signers offer many group LSQ courses, private lessons and in-person and remote training for companies. There’s something for everyone! We also offer LSQ skills assessments (ÉvaLSQ).

  • Deaf Trainers
  • 6 learning levels
  • Online courses and flexible schedules
  • Several sessions per year
  • Digital platform with innovative and inclusive learning materials
  • LSQ skills assessment test (ÉvaLSQ)

LSQ Courses

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Assess your LSQ skills level

Do you need to check your LSQ level at the beginning or end of your university interpreting course or are you at the hiring stage in a company requesting it? Make the most of our assessors’ expertise.

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Quebec Sign Language or LSQ

A unique language characterized by its three-dimensionality, LSQ, along with ASL and Indigenous sign languages, is recognized as one of the most commonly used languages among Deaf Francophones in Quebec and Canada (Accessible Canada Act, 2019, c. 10, article 5.1).

Why learn LSQ?

Quebec has over 10,000 Deaf, hard of hearing, and DeafBlind individuals, and a growing number of individuals need sign language for various reasons. Learning LSQ, the primary language, facilitates their societal inclusion, as it not only equips you with sign language skills but also empowers you to overcome communication barriers and explore diverse visual communication strategies.

Career possibilities

There are many advantages of learning LSQ; it’s not just about communication with Deaf and hard of hearing people. Did you know it’s possible to steer your career in another direction once you have mastered LSQ? Those who have mastered LSQ can become LSQ-French interpreters, teachers for Deaf children and adolescents, speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, doctors, etc.

Lorena Garrido


Having recently taken on the role of CEO of an organization serving the Deaf and hard of hearing community, I have benefited from bespoke private LSQ courses by Eversa. I particularly appreciated the flexible timetable, the in-person or Zoom classes and the vocabulary adapted to my professional needs—all within a warm and welcoming environment. I am extremely satisfied with my experience and I’m proud to have used a Deaf-owned and Deaf-run company.

Karine G.

Student in a LSQ course Level 1

Thank you for this great course, which I’ve followed with interest and pleasure, day in and day out. I have always been interested in Quebec Sign Language and during my studies, I discovered why: its authenticity! By communicating in signs, we need to show our emotions, which suits me really well. My tutor is a brilliant communicator and she knew exactly how to teach us!

Eli C.

Student in an LSQ course Level 4

I’ve always been interested in sign language. I think as someone who is part of the LGBTQIA2S+ community, I am very sensitive to inclusion issues and learning how to communicate with more people is very important to me. I love my course at Eversa for many reasons and I really appreciated the diversity presented in the teaching material! It surprised me, in a good way; you can tell the courses are up to date.

Vero P.

Student in a LSQ course Level 4

I have always been interested in learning LSQ, ever since I crossed paths with two people who were communicating in sign language. When I saw that Eversa’s courses were online and could easily fit into my busy schedule, I decided to go for it. I discovered a language that allows me to express myself in a way that I had never tried out before. It’s a language rich in culture and Eversa is a professional school with qualified instructors. I found an amazing culture there, a new world and I made friends at the same time. I strongly recommend it.

Magali S.

Associate Artistic Director
Eidos Montreal

Just a note to say I really like my courses! I love my Tuesdays because I know that they finish with my LSQ course. My instructor is enthusiastic, expressive and knows how to hold the group’s attention, even people like me who have problems with attention! 

Neselie N.

Student in a LSQ course Level 1
Fall 2022

I want to become an interpreter in a few years, and Eversa is definitely going to play a large role in my training and future career. 

If you want to learn sign language, be it out of curiosity, for fun or for your career, I strongly recommend Eversa.